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Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Removal  Raleigh not just squirrels !! We get all wildlife out of your home.  Wildlife solutions to humanely remove bats in attics, snakes on the porch, dead animal under the house. squirrels in attics, raccoons in attics.  Affordable. wildlife control removing, trapping, catching and solving nuisance problems with raccoons, skunks, squirrels, snakes




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Wildlife Removal Wake County, NC – Apex Cary Fuquay Varina Garner Holly Springs Knightdale Morrisville New Hill Raleigh Rolesville Wake Forest Wendell Willow Spring Zebulon 27501 27502 27511 27513 27518 27519 27520 27522 27523 27526 27529 27539 27540 27545 27560 27562 27571 27587 27591 27592 27596 27597 27601 27603 27604 27605 27606 27607 27608 27609 27610 27612 27613 27614 27615 27616 27617 27703 27713

Wildlife Removal Durham County, NC – Bahama Durham Rougemont 27278 27503 27517 27519 27560 27572 27613 27617 27701 27703 27704 27705 27706 27707 27712 2771

messageWe are a licensed animal damage control professional pest control company  that solves wild animal removal problems. We trap,catch,capture control, prevent and remove bats, birds, coyote, critters, fox, groundhogs, ground squirrels, moles, opossums, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, snakes and woodchucks.

We get rid of nuisance wildlife and keeping nuisance wildlife out of attics, garages, basements, chimneys, fireplaces, from under porches, woodpiles and the shed out in the back yard.

Raleigh Raccoon Removal

Most folks do not get it. Raccoons don’t live in the hollows of trees anymore. Raccoons In the Raleigh area  including the nearby communities of: Cary-Apex-Durham-Chapel Hill


Raleigh Rodent  Removal

many rats in a trapGot rats or mice. We have permanent rodent solutions. Our rodent exclusions for structures that qualify put an end to re-occurring rat and mouse infestations. No need for on going pest control contracts for rodent poison baiting. We seal up homes, and business and get rid of mice and rats and keep mice and rats out for good!

Raleigh  Squirrel Removal

Squirrels in attics are the most common place we find squirrels in St Louis. We trap, remove, control and prevent squirrel problems by our squirrel proofing and rodent proofing.

Raleigh Snake Removal

Find snakes in your yard or worse yet in your home, patio, garage, lanai or yard. Most snakes we stumble into usually are not venomous but  the best advice we can give is to leave all snakes alone and they will leave you alone.

If you require a professional snake handler and professional snake removal . Please call!

Raleigh Skunk Removal

Got a pet or family member that got skunked. Most skunk problems are the result of a skunk den nearby. Need a skunk trapped, give us a call for odorless skunk removal . We also provide odor control services to remove skunk odors.

Raleigh  Groundhog Removal

Anyone who has a beautiful garden is likely to end up with a nuisance groundhog problem. Groundhogs are the largest members of the squirrel family in North America . Groundhogs also called other names like woodchuck , whistle pig and marmot. Got problems with groundhogs please call about our groundhog removal service.

Raleigh Opossum Removal 

Wildlife removal Chapel Hill NC

Got a possum problem. We can help  just call and ask about our opossum removal services.

 Experienced in wildlife control removing, trapping, catching and solving nuisance problems with raccoons, skunks, squirrels, snakes

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